Housing Authority Board to Weigh Construction Job Training and New Affordable Housing in Larimer/East Liberty

Posted on April 25, 2018

The board of the Housing Authority City of Pittsburgh, which is named by Mayor William Peduto, is set to vote on resolutions tomorrow to offer construction trades training for Housing Authority residents, and the spending of funds for mixed-income housing in the latest phase of the Larimer/East Liberty housing development. 

The Housing Authority regularly seeks to boost employment opportunities to residents, and the board is set to vote on awarding contracts to Pittsburgh A. Philip Randolph Institute and Community Empowerment Association to provide construction trades training and job readiness training services to up to 40 residents. 

Proposed are initial three-year, $100,000 contracts with CEA and the Randolph institute for 20 job training participants each. The HACP is proposing a performance funding mechanism that will reimburse the vendors based on enrollments, program attainments, graduations and job or advanced training placements by participants. Each contract has two one-year renewal options. 

Larimer/East Liberty is in the midst of developing 334 units in multiple phases at the site. Phase I of 85 mixed-income units is under construction and the 150-unit Phase II is in predevelopment. Units are due to be completed by 2020. 

Tomorrow's board action is to approve up to $692,000 in predevelopment activities for Phase III including site acquisition; design and implementation of public improvements and infrastructure; site and unit planning; and other activities to support approximately 45 units of mixed-income housing. 

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