General Contact Info

The Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh
Tel 412-456-5000
TTY 412-201-5384

Office Hours: Monday—Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Important Phone Numbers:

  • To report criminal activity, call the Anonymous Tip-Line 412-471-2275
  • Or fill out and return a Silent Complaint Form
  • To report a Maintenance Emergency, call: 412-281-6530
  • If you are an applicant or resident and have a qualified disability, please contact the Disability Compliance Office at 412-456-5282
  • To report information about Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8) apartments, call the Housing Choice Voucher Program Hotline: 412-456-5111
  • For police matters, medical or other emergencies, always, call: 911

Department Phone Address
Community Affairs 412-456-5058 address
Development & Modernization 412-456-5020 address
Finance 412-456-5022 address
Human Resources 412-456-5085 address
Legal 412-456-5015 address
Facility Services 412-456-5075 address
Occupancy 412-456-5030 address
Resident Self-Sufficiency 412-395-3950 address
Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8) 412-456-5090 address
Procurement 412-456-5116 address
Public Safety 412-456-5000 address
Disability Compliance 412-456-5282 address
Community Phone Address
Allegheny Dwellings 412-586-5689 address
Arlington Heights 412-481-3586 address
Bedford Dwellings 412-395-3952 address
Caliguiri Plaza 412-481-3731 address
Carrick Regency 412-881-1635 address
Finello Pavilion 412-687-8635 address
Glen Hazel 412-421-6418 address
Glen Hazel High Rise 412-421-6418 address
Gualtieri Manor 412-561-5038 address
Homewood North 412-241-5285 address
Mazza Pavilion 412-531-2185 address
Morse Gardens 412-481-3742 address
Murray Towers 412-421-6411 address
Northview Heights 412-237-0804 address
Northview Heights High Rise 412-237-0804 address
Pennsylvania Bidwell 412-237-0811 address
Pressley Street 412-237-0823 address
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