HACP Preferred Owners Program

What is it?

The Preferred Owners Program is a newly implemented program designed to:

  1. Promote and improve the quality of Section 8 properties.

  2. Increase the number of properties in quality neighborhoods.

  3. Provide YOU (Preferred Owners) with various membership benefits.

What does it do for you?

  1. Inspection Incentives
    1. Priority inspection scheduling
    2. Biennial inspections
    3. Extended expirationdate of initial inspections (From 15 to 60 days)

  2. Vacancy Payments
    1. When a voucher holder moves out of a unit, if you as the landlord release the unit to another voucher holder, you may apply for a vacancy payment equal to no more than two months’ of the previous tenant’s HAP payment.

  3. Priority Property Listings
    1. Preferred Owners properties will be placed at the top of HACP’s property listing webpage. 

 How do you apply? 

  1. Complete the application form with your name, contact information and unit addresses.

  2. Pass annual inspection on the first inspection for the past three consecutive years.

  3. Complete a minimum of one training per year in order to maintain membership.