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Housing Choice Voucher Program Helps Participant Become a Homeowner!

Camille needed help.  Her husband had recently passed away and she was pregnant with her second child.  Although she was working full time, her salary was not enough to provide for her growing family and the rent needed for a decent home, in a safe neighborhood, was simply beyond her reach.  When she received her invitation for her Housing Choice Voucher (HCV), Camille felt a huge weight lift off of her shoulders.

Her time on the program was not always easy; being a single mother rarely is.  At one point, Camille lost her job.  This was the time she feels the HCV program was most helpful for her and her family.  The full rent support she received from the HACP gave her the time she needed to find a new a job, and the utility allowance check she received each month helped her family stay warm through the winter.  

HCV Program Information

For information about the HCV Program leasing process, and access to program forms, please visit our expanded landlord resource page. CLICK HERE.

HCV Orientation Video for New Landlords 

To become an HCV Landlord, watch the video here.

HCV Landlord Quarterly News

Catch up on the latest HCV Program and Landlord news CLICK HERE.

Help End Veteran Homelessness

HACP is pleased to help put an end to Veteran Homelessness.  The Authority has recently been awarded 42 vouchers through HUD’s Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing (VASH) initiative and is seeking to work with property owners interested in renting to deserving veterans. CLICK HERE.

How to Become an HCV Landlord

Interested in becoming a HCV Program landlord? CLICK HERE.

Landlord Referral Incentive Program

Could you use an extra $50? Anyone who refers a new landlord will receive a $50 incentive payment once that landlord leases an apartment to one of our tenants. CLICK HERE 

Ready to Become a Preferred Owner? 

HACP's Preferred Owners Program is a newly implemented program designed to: promote and improve the quality of Section 8 properties; increase the number of properties in quality neighborhoods; and, provide YOU (Preferred Owners) with various membership benefits. CLICK HERE

HCV Staff Directory

Questions or concerns about the Housing Choice Voucher Program? Please see our HCV Staff Directory to find out how to get in touch with us. CLICK HERE