A Message from the Executive Director

The Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh is proud to continue our work to reposition old affordable housing stock while creating opportunities for broader neighborhood investment throughout the city. 

In the Hill District, HACP has been a part of the Hill Master Plan Committee, and worked with community partners and residents to develop an Addison Terrace Redevelopment Plan. Now, working with our development partners Allies & Ross Management and Development Corp., and KBK Enterprises, HACP has started the community-wide redevelopment and revitalization of Pittsburgh’s oldest public housing community, Addison Terrace.

Beginning this spring with the demolition of housing that was constructed in the late 1930s, HACP has begun the process of reconnecting Addison Terrace with the greater Hill District neighborhood, while creating a new mixed-income community that will raise the bar for affordable housing in Pittsburgh and beyond.

HACP is also proud of its ongoing participation in the Larimer Avenue Corridor Planning process. Since 2009, HACP has participated in this community driven planning effort, and is optimistically looking forward to contributing to the revitalization that is currently underway in the city’s Larimer and East Liberty neighborhoods. This effort, currently represented in the Larimer Avenue Corridor Vision to Action Plan, will yield a greener residential neighborhood, while simultaneously paving the way for economic development.

As Pittsburgh continues its citywide Renaissance, HACP is pleased to be playing a significant role in the revitalization of these key neighborhoods. HACP applauds and shares these communities’ commitment to ensuring that Pittsburghers from all walks of life are included. We look forward to continuing our work with neighborhood stakeholders to create and implement plans that bring better and brighter housing to the Greater Hill District, the Larimer Avenue Corridor, and to neighborhoods throughout the city. 

Caster D. Binion
Executive Director