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From the latest issue (Winter 2018):

Last fall, the City of Pittsburgh served as a co-host for the National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Organizations (NAHRO) annual meeting. HACP, along with our colleagues from the Allegheny County Housing Authority, and both city and county governments used this opportunity to showcase the many innovative, affordable housing efforts currently underway in our region.

As conference attendants from across the nation learned, the perception of Pittsburgh as a “polluted, shrinking, rust belt” city no longer holds true. In fact, the Pittsburgh of today is quite the opposite. We are a hub for technology, education and medicine. We are attracting global corporations and generating our own small businesses and we are also retaining many of the thousands of talented individuals that graduate from our universities each year.

I was very proud to be part of the host team who helped to showcase the great things Pittsburgh has to offer and to focus on the affordable housing efforts that our Authority has helped to lead.

HACP had a banner year in 2017. We were a part of the region’s highly successful collaboration to effectively end veteran homelessness. We helped to stabilize and maintain affordable housing communities like Manchester Commons and Crawford Square; and we further advanced efforts to reimagine and transform public housing communities including Allegheny Dwellings, Bedford Dwellings and Hamilton-Larimer.

As our city continues to grow and prosper, HACP will continue to evolve, adapt and innovate to help ensure that our city remains inclusive to all; that low-income families can continue to reside in neighborhoods they have called home for generations; and, that safe, high quality, affordable housing remains an available option for all.  

A Message from the Executive Director

Caster D. Binion
Executive Director

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